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To work together to build a sustainable approach to our economic, social and cultural growth and development. To ensure the protection of local assets for ourselves and for our children. There is more that unites us than divides us. Together we can make a difference.


What I stand for!

  • A voice for the people

  • Protection of our agricultural land and water quality

  • Equity in the delivery of health care and education

  • Sustainable industry and development through innovation and technology

  • Protection of our environment for the benefit of future generations

  • Equal opportunity and social justice regardless of gender, race or religion

  • Acknowledgement of our Indigenous Heritage

  • Transparency in governance and financial services



Coffs Harbour should expect nothing less than tunnels on the proposed inner western bypass. If there was the will from the community for the original coastal ridge route I would back it 100%.

Find out more at the RMS website



Given current proposals by State government for medium density high-rise along Jordan Esplanade and future private development of the Jetty Strip, open space and passive recreation areas for locals and visitors are essential for the Jetty foreshores .



It is possible for Coffs Harbour to have it all. I believe we can have a vibrant, lively city whilst maintaining the beauty and liveability of our environment. This and the people who live here are our greatest assets.


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There is more that unites us than divides us here.


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